Nuwave Marketing is Now Content Thunder

We started Nuwave Marketing in late 2017 and today we have officially changed our name to Content Thunder. Although the name has changed, our commitment to providing results for our clients remains the same. Aside from just making the announcement, I wanted to outline why we decided to rebrand the company as Content Thunder and how this will change our focus going forward.

We asked: What do we do that consistently delivers amazing results?

Over the past 5 years, we have had enough time working with clients to see what we consistently do really well. So when we looked back, it was clear that the common thread is content. It didn’t matter what the industry was or even what type of content they had. It could be static web pages, courses, videos, blog articles, e-books, PDFs, social posts, etc, we could find a way to utilize it to the fullest extent and bring more traffic and revenue to the client because of it.

The value placed on content is higher than ever

We have been in the content game for a long time. Back when Facebook was cool and Instagram didn’t have ads or an algorithm that decided what content you would see in your feed. In that time we have seen ad costs go through the roof to the point where many advertisers are not seeing a big enough return to invest in it. At the same time, building an organic audience through content has become more valuable and useful to businesses than ever. I mean we have clients that get over 10 million organic impressions on content a month and they don’t pay an advertiser to do it.

We believe it’s better to buy than it is to rent

We have always seen ads as renting property and creating content as buying it. Sure, renting has its value, but the moment you stop paying the landlord, you stop receiving the benefits of it. When you buy a property, you can do with it what you want and reap the benefits long after the mortgage is paid off. When you run ads, you have to keep paying to keep benefitting, and as history has proven, they raise the rent often (ad costs). While with content, you pay with your time, and/or you pay a company like Content Thunder that helps you create assets (content) and utilize it so that you reap the long-term benefits of your efforts.

We focus on the entire system for content not just one piece of the puzzle

It’s truly amazing how many layers there are to getting your content to be seen and converted into sales. There is the content strategy, content creation, content optimization, content distribution, content amplification, web design and usability, search engine optimization (SEO), website speed performance and accessibility, conversion rate optimization, email capturing and email marketing, recurring traffic, promotions, product/service development, positioning and more. If you get any one of those things wrong, you could have a smaller audience than you should and receive fewer sales than you could.

For more than a decade, we have dug deep into every single one of these things, so we have the full picture of the content system and what it needs to work like a well-oiled machine.

Content System Graphic

So what services are we offering now?

For now, we are offering content consulting, content optimization, and website services for WordPress, Shopify, and CraftCMS.

Later this year, we also will be providing setup and training materials for aspects of our clients’ content system that are best operated in-house (like content amplification, email campaigns, and customer engagement).

Lastly, we are starting a beta program for video editing, content creation, and content scheduling services. This is where we regularly help you plan out your content, you film it, then we take the footage and create tons of content from it and even handle all the publishing for you. We only have a few spots for this program as we work to establish our processes.

If you want to know more, contact our team.

Who is Content Thunder for?

We work with businesses that are wanting to start creating content or businesses that have been making content for a while and are looking to get the most out of it or offload some of that effort.

We also work with full-time content creators with a YouTube Channel or Blog that they are trying to get to the next level.

We do not recommend our services to people looking for someone to film videos or write blog posts for them. We are not a production company. We handle the strategy, post-production, optimization, site management, and publishing. We also will not be offering paid advertising services to new clients.

If you are needing help getting the most out of your content or are needing help with starting content marketing for your business, start the conversation today.

Summary: Why did we change the name of the company?

We wanted to realign our services to focus on what we do really well and consistently deliver results on. We recongnized that we are best suited to deliver results when we are able to utilize content, and our 100% track record proves that. We wanted our brand to reflect our focus on growing businesses and audiences through content and didn’t feel that our previous name, Nuwave Marketing, conveyed that. Content Thunder was the perfect name to emulate for our focus on content.

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