About Us

An agency focused on fully leveraging content

Who we are

We are a content and web agency focused on helping businesses maximize the reach and effectiveness of their content. With over a decade of experience in SEO and content marketing, we know how to leverage content throughout the customer journey from the first impression to checkout. We turn your content into a high-performance machine through customized strategies, content optimization, and web development.

What we


Our work is centered around you and understanding your uniqueness


We focus on delivering results, not just finishing a project


We believe collaborating with clients is essential to success


We challenge the status quo to forge a better future with new ideas

Hidden Excellence

We build quality things and pay attention to the under-the-hood stuff that matters

What Makes Our Process So Effective?

We have helped clients more than double their traffic directly after launching a new site and have driven hundreds of millions of organic views to our client's content. It’s not a secret sauce, we just understand how to maximize content across social media AND your website. It starts with a good research-backed plan and a commitment to doing things right.

Our Team Structure

  • Lead Strategist
  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Optimization Expert

Our engagement ishere content isn't just an afterthought.


Research & Discovery

We dig deep into your business to understand it fully. We learn your processes, goals, customers, competitors, social presence, website, and analytics to identify opportunities.


Content Strategy

We design a comprehensive strategy to maximize your existing content across the entire customer journey and to make your future content even better.


Content Planning

We work with you to develop a research-backed content plan for each quarter so you know what content to create.



We get to work optimizing your existing content and website for more views, organic traffic, and higher conversions.


Web Development

We update your website to better utilize your content, improve the user experience, and performance of the website.



We identify ways you can create more revenue from the audience you already have.

About Our Owner

Steven has over a decade of experience with content marketing and website development. After college, he oversaw the digital marketing and websites for several multi-7 and 8-figure organizations. In 2017 Steven started Content Thunder, formerly called Nuwave Marketing. When he is not building content strategies for clients, you may find him at church, hiking, fly fishing, snowboarding, reading a new book, experimenting in the kitchen, or sipping on a cortado at a local coffee shop.

Steven Records
Founder & CEO, Content Thunder

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